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Why leave abroad?

• The increasing threat of theft and violence from organized crime
• Corruption free business and investment opportunities in most of our countries of residence
• A better overall standard of living in in most developing and developed countries you need Read More...


Have you ever imagined living and working in another country? Life in that country begins with us. Receiving citizenship of another country requires a passport and identity cards and you can now legally purchase a passport and receive citizenship of another country   Read More...


Your way to freedom is here

An individual can obtain a level of freedom in his country of origin where there seem to be no hope for a better future. There are millions of opportunities out there and for you to grab it with no stress and the only solution is to earn a nationality of  Read More...


Welcome to our Home page. After 9 years in businesses of producing and delivering legal documents to our clients, we have so far, produced and handed over 83,000 legal documents to our client from over 170 countries. So   you are on the way to your new nationality, for we assist our clients become new passport,ID Cards and driving licenses holders to pursue their dreams and vision in other countries of their choice.  If you are in need of a passport, ID card or Driving License, you are in the right place. In addition to our quality services, We do worldwide delivery which is fast,reliable and discreet.

Clients Testimonials of Real Hologram Identities

Real hologram identities is a legit website and i bought my UK drivers license which was registered from them.I am a holder of a United Kingdom drivers license with my data at the DMV i owe you a thousand kisses

Chris Morgen

United Kingdom
Didn't know it will turn out right but i have finally received  my Austrian passport which i have not been able to get for 3 years all thanks to Real Hologram Identities can now move to Canada and work.

Johnson Bahim


I am in Spain thanks to the help of  Real Hologram Identities.These guys are professionals  in producing registered documents and they delivery right at the door steps.I have been a victim of numerous rips but i finally got what i wanted

Bayram Ali

I am in Norway today thanks to the services of the realhologramidentities i truly appreciate your help out there and will advertise your services on a No pay basis.

Happyness Mozil

i got my California drivers license from the realhologramidentities those guys are all good with high quality documents.Anyone out there who needs help can contact them and be 100% security guaranteed

Malik Adam

United States of America
Trying to get a registered Swedish passport had not been easy for me but just at the time of giving up,I came in contact with the realhologramidentities but at first i felt like i will be loosing money again but gave a try and was very happy at the end.

Gary Molland

Life became unbearable for me trying to get a stand in France.I had no identities and have tried to get some on several occasions but failed but after being referred to realhologramidentities by a friend i succeeded in getting a french permanent residence,Lucky me

Mishel Micalle

My pursue for an Italian drivers license came to an end when i came in contact with realhologramidentities.I am now able to driver freely in Venice backed up with the license i received from them. Thanks again guys

Daham Ferry


Before I was referred to Real Hologram Identities by a close friend of mine, I hade no idea a company could make Identification papers as genuine as Real Hologram Identities. Now I have my ID Card and Passport. Thanks to Real Hologram Identities.

Lina Margarethe Heinrich

I had no idea having a new nationality could be this easy but when I came across Real Hologram Identities, Everything was as simple as never before. I have my identity card and am now a free citizen

Sophie Femann

My Business transaction has been excellent with Real Hologram Identities. I lost all my identification papers and there was no hope of finding them, not until I came across this prestigious company.

Aiden Matthew

Due to hardship and Circumstances in my country Afghanistan, i develop a passion for traveling and due to my situation i was refused a Passport because of some legal issues in my country. I came across Real Hologram Identities on the internet and before the week ran out i got my Passport

Gujaerim Sohail

Before i came across Real Hologram Identities, I had given up hope of getting my new Nationality in Canada because my home country Ukraine was no longer conducive. After several failed attempts i finally got the news about this Company that has made me a happy woman today in Canada

Anna Serhiy

I was Reduced to nothing in my own Country and i worked for over 4 years to get a passport to no avail. But thanks to Real Hologram Identities because, Since my Friend directed me to this company, my life changed in just a couple of days as i had both my ID Card and Passport

John Due